Hello Everyone!

I’m Erika, a geologist who loves the stars!

All entries here are about my passion and hobby – Astronomy and Atmospheric Phenomena.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

You can contact me through my email at, Twitter account (, and Facebook page at

35 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi Erika. Do you have something on the smiley face formed by the Moon, Jupiter and Venus last Dec 1?

  2. cool site you have. =D

  3. Erika! nce!

  4. naisip kong mag-wordpress din pero parang kuntento na ko sa multiply. hehe.. 😀

  5. Nice site… 🙂

  6. hello good day, i would like to ask exact date and time ng geminids meteor shower peak this year. kasi i will make reservations out of town to see it more clearly. thanks in advance

  7. hello good day, when is the exact date and time of geminids meteor shower peak this year. cause i will make reservations out of town to view it more clearly. thanks

  8. Hello….
    I’m currently working on my 3rd book which is about Astronomy in the Philippines… I’d appreciate it if you (and everyone else/all concerned) can possibly assist me in this Book Project by providing me with some info on your observing activities/ astro-photos/images taken, and other similar/pertinent undertakings. Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and all the best…

  9. Hi. Irving here. I asked the others and for now they cant make it to caliraya. Next week hopefully SLA is free, if not we try another caliraya.

  10. Hi! It’s my first time viewing your blog. Wow! Cool! It’s nearly 5 in the morning, I got up late. I was supposed to watch the Leonid Meteor shower last night but the sky seemed so unfriendly. 😐 I ended up sleeping but I promised to get up earlier hoping that I could still see some meteors. The only clear stars that I could see were from the big dipper constellation. The rest of the sky seemed cloudy already. I googled about it until I saw your page. Thumbs up! Nice blog! Umm.. how about you? Were you able to see some meteors last night? :))

  11. Hi Erika, i just found out that you are a licensed geologist..Maybe we can include you in our exhibit..Scientist At Work! just send me your photos and answer to the questions I posted in my blog.

    here’s my email

    Thanks a lot..

  12. hi, erika

    i just got interested with stars and planets. which would you advise me to in my celestial views — binocular or a telescope? where can i buy a good one? thanks

    • Hi Imelda,

      For now, learn to navigate first the night sky by identifying constellations. Constellations are regions in the sky that can help you locate celestial objects. You can do this without using any optical aid. Afterwards, you can use binoculars to identify planets, a few star clusters and nebulas. 🙂

      You can check the Cutting Edge store in Trinoma and SM Malls. They sell Celestron binoculars and telescopes. These are good enough for beginners. 🙂

  13. nice site ma’am hope to meet your group in UP

  14. coool site.
    great shots.
    i want to make “kwentuhan” with you about your field.
    im also interested in this field.
    can i get your contacts?
    i want to learn more about astoronomy
    and i decided make it as my thesis.
    any suggested topics na pwede kong gawing thesis?
    topics na bago and interesting. Thank you Erika.!
    God bless!

  15. very interesting and surprising for me


  17. Hi ate erika. Nakaka-amaze naman yung mga pictures ng night sky dito sa blog mo na ang gamit lang eh digital camera. 😀

    May mga nakikita kasi akong Olympus digicams (SP-810uz saka SZ-30MR). Anu bang specs yung dapat meron para malaman na kaya nung cams na yun mag-capture, for example, ng star trails? 😀 Saka yung iba ‘grainy’ yung quality pag low-light.

  18. Hi Kathy! Nagreply ako sa FB. 😀

  19. newbie here. i think its cool to learn about our outside world. btw.

    Do you have something on the smiley face formed by the Moon, Jupiter and Venus last Dec 1?

    just wanna see these.. ;c thanks..

  20. Hi Jof,

    Here’s my image of the Smiley last Dec. 2008:


  21. Ate Stella,…saan makakabili ng Galileoscope dito sa Metro Manila? Thanks.

  22. Hi! Do you know of any good stargazing spots in Rizal? Thanks!

  23. Hi,nice work…..i want to ask where i can buy telescope in philippines? And how much?

  24. 🙂

    Galing galing nyo po mam Erika! I just bookmarked your site now. 😀

    Cheers and best regards,


  25. Hi there, I just want to ask if you know any place where I can afford an astronomical telescope here in manila? I have only a budget of PHP2,000.

    Thanks in advance! I hope I could get a prompt response. I’m planning to give it as a gift this coming week.

  26. Hi Erika,
    I witnessed the comet when I was young maybe some year 1969 to 1974.
    I was in project 4 , Quezon City.It was very very very clear in naked eyes 3 to 5 nights in a row. Looking for that article or photos but cannot find any.Not mentioned in Philippine Astronomical History?Strange? Can you please help me connect the missing link. It’s still in my memory image was bright with the long tail.
    Ernie , Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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