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A Star in the Darkest Night: Erika Valdueza and her Passion for Astronomy by Dr. Sugon of the Manila Observatory

The Mind Museum Astrophotography Exhibit 2012

My Equipment


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A showcase of my astronomy photos through the years on 500px.com

Life over Lupus

9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. to you question:
    My Favorite Photo Art. Does anyone know who made it?

    I don’t know who drew it but it’s album art from:

    The Sun, the Moon & the Stars -Bob Carpenter –


  2. i have never known anyone soooo into astronomy…You are inspiring…:)

    Sine in grade school it is my dream to have a telescope too. At home, back in my province, we have a beautiful view of the night sky. and during those years, every night, and the sky is clear i always said to myself i’m gonna have one (telescope) someday. and I want a descent one.
    Reading this article now just add to my excitement in buying a telescope in the coming week. Yipee! can’t wait to explore the sky too! ^_^

    • Hi Aira! Once you get your first telescope, you will never stop checking out the night sky. It’s very addicting! ūüôā Goodluck on your new telescope! Clear skies! ūüôā

  3. wow idol! first time to come across this, nakaka-inspire story mo! keep it up! ūüôā

  4. got my telescope with focal length of 360 mm (just enough for beginner i think)…
    took me an hour to set it up. it was fun! ūüôā

    sad, can’t try it as yet, rain won’t stop.

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