Mind Museum Astrocamp at Soloviento, Caliraya, Laguna

The astrocamp experience was great, although we were clouded out and it rained all afternoon until the following day.

I especially enjoyed the part where we built our own water rocket. My team named our rocket “PhilSA” in short for Philippine Space Agency. Somehow it flew a bit high, but not as high compared to other teams, hahaha!

In the evening, Pecier Decierdo, Mind Musuem astronomer, gave a lecture about the night sky using Stellarium. I missed hearing such lecture because I haven’t observed for a long time. Sadly, the weather was not cooperating so we couldn’t see all the stars and planets that were visible that night.

As soon as we had a glimpse of the stars despite the clouds, many participants immediately prepared their cameras and tripods. I was one of them and below were my images:

Under the Stars by erika valdueza on 500px.com

Clouds and Orion by erika valdueza on 500px.com

It rained again after an hour or so. Because we are already tired (or maybe because we are not as young as we used to be hahaha!), my boyfriend and I decided to call it a night.

Attending this event is already an achievement for me because of my health condition. I think it shows that I’m getting better and stronger and I can do overnight observations again. ūüôā

To the stars!



~ by Stella's Gaze on November 19, 2016.

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