First Light of Hope

I’ve been waiting for a year to see a solar halo in my current location. Since it’s always cold here, I expect it to be more frequent.  I was terribly busy the past year so I might have missed a lot of opportunities to witness it. This time, I have more time to look up because I need to avoid stress as much as I can (Astronomy makes me happy!) while I undergo treatments to control the Lupus.

Sunrise was beautiful this morning. As soon as I saw the cirrus clouds in the sky, I knew there’s a chance to see a solar halo. I finally brought out my new DSLR which is a Canon EOS 70D and gave it a name “Hope”. The name somehow describes what I’m going through lately. I don’t want to lose hope and I trust God I’ll be okay soon. Anyway, I bought the camera for its video capability as I’ve never tried a DSLR with a video before. I also plan to use it for prime focus lunar photography.

Solar Halo by erika valdueza on

I also created a new blog where I share my story. The title of the blog is also related to hope. It is also a way for me to meet others who have the same illness and are also astronomy enthusiasts. Please, if you know anyone or if you’re one of them, it would be nice to have a chat and to keep in touch. I plan to share this blog in public when the right time comes (However, if you’re really interested to read it, you can send me a private message for request and I’ll send the link). In other words, as they say in Filipino, “sa tamang panahon”. Yes, I’m also an ALDUB fan, hahaha!

To the stars!


~ by Stella's Gaze on October 27, 2015.

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