August 12, 2012 Lunar Occultation of Jupiter

I observed the Lunar-Jupiter occultation at Manila Observatory in Ateneo de Manila University with Genie Lorenzo and students from UST and Ateneo. This was also the first time I used my 8″ Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain which I named Galileo after Galileo Galilei, Italian scientist who first used the telescope to observe naked eye planets.

Our wacky group photo! ūüėÄ

I bought this scope to start learning serious planetary observation and imaging (so its name gives you an idea of its purpose). It’s also one of my dream scopes. Thanks to Sir Christopher Go and Vincent Lao for encouraging me to get one.

Unfortunately, during our observation, my SPC900NC failed to image the moon and Jupiter. I am not sure if the problem was with the software or because of the large focal length of the telescope. I also had a hard time carrying it around – it’s huge and bulky! I would need help if I plan an observation using this scope. I did manage to take a few images of the occultation through my DSLR, but because of lack of preparation and practice (thanks to the poor weather condition for the past weeks), things didn’t go well and I failed to get decent shots. Nevertheless, I’m happy to see the students having a great time using Galileo to witness the event. We also saw two Perseid meteors! ūüôā

Below are my images of the occultation:

Equipment: C8 + CG5-GT, Canon EOS 50D, 2x Barlow


I need ample time and practice to familiarize myself with Galileo. I just hope the weather improves soon – especially on weekends, hahaha! ūüôā

Ad Astra!


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One Response to “August 12, 2012 Lunar Occultation of Jupiter”

  1. Wow… you’re lucky… I’ve never been privileged enough to witness an occultation… it looks like everyone had a great time too!

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