April 21, 2012 Lyrids Observation

Members and guests of Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS) observed the Lyrid meteor shower at Prayer of Gethsemane Mountain in Montalban, Rizal.  Thanks to Mr. Ronald Tanco and Mr. Anthony Urbano , I got a ride (badly needed because of the rough terrain) and joined the event.

Around past 10pm in the evening, the sky turned hazy making it difficult to see the rising Milky Way Galaxy over the eastern horizon. The case was different for Saturn which we were all fortunate to see that night.

PAS Astrocamp participants gathered to observe Saturn in the eastern sky.

People who were taking pictures of the Milky Way (including me) did their best to capture short and long exposure images of the the Milky Way band despite poor transparency. Below are my best images:

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy (Canon EOS450D + 50mm prime lens)

Cygnus constellation (Canon EOS 450D + 50mm prime lens)

You may visit Anthony Urbano and Leo Dy’s astronomy blogs to see their stunning images of the Milky Way Galaxy with more than one minute exposure.

Overall, the experience was great since I noticed that more and more people are participating in stargazing activities. 🙂

To the stars!


~ by Stella's Gaze on April 21, 2012.

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