Dec. 10, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse Images in the Philippines

I only managed to get a very few shots of the total lunar eclipse.  Thanks to overcast skies and uncalibrated mount. 😦

I placed my setup in front of the Solar Telescope building of the Manila Observatory. I observed with my man, Genie Lorenzo, and first-year students in ADMU.

I would like to thank my man for all the help, love, support and patience. Without him, our observation won’t be possible. 🙂

My images of the red moon:

My man’s wide angle image:

We also saw a lunar halo while moon exits umbra:

Observing near this place made me think of the Jesuit observers years ago who also love to look up and record astronomical events...

Below are fantastic and awesome images taken by Filipino amateur astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts:

Christopher Go

Nathaniel Custodio

Anthony Urbano

Rodion Herrera

Jett Aguilar

Nico Mendoza

JV Noriega

James Kevin Ty

Henry So

Joanne Quirante-Escober

Ted Gonzaga

Vincent Lao

Norman Marigza

Mark Arzadon

Media Coverage of the Total Lunar Eclipse Observation:

Total Lunar Eclipse kagabi, nahirapan makita dahil maulap

Congratulations to all who never gave up to observe this event despite cloudy and rainy skies!

To the moon! 🙂


~ by Stella's Gaze on December 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dec. 10, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse Images in the Philippines”

  1. nice!!

  2. I have seen a total lunar eclipse. But it was a partial lunar eclipse because the thick clouds blocked my view. And by the way, I want to upload few photos of the eclipse’s totality on Wikipedia entitled December 2011 lunar eclipse. K?

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