December 2011 Philippine Celestial Sky

December is my favorite month for night sky observations in the Philippines. This is the time where nights are longer than days, winter constellations are visible, and I’ll be able to see once again the Geminid Meteor shower!

Below are the celestial events for this month. This information were collected from Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS), Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP), and PAGASA monthly sky updates. Pictures were taken from Stellarium software.

Dec. 2:  First Quarter Moon

Dec. 7: Jupiter and Moon

Dec. 10:  Total Lunar Eclipse!

Dec. 14-15:  Peak of Geminid Meteor Shower

Dec. 18: Last Quarter Moon

Dec. 20: Saturn and Moon

Dec. 22: Winter Solstice

Dec. 23: Ursid Meteor Shower

Dec. 23: Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation

Dec. 25: New Moon

Dec. 27: Venus and Moon


Planets that can be seen without optical aid:

Morning Planets (visible from midnight until dawn): Mars and Saturn

Evening Planets: Jupiter and Venus

The brightest of the two is Venus. Venus is near the western horizon this month while Jupiter is high in the east.

Happy observing everyone!

Clear Skies!


~ by Stella's Gaze on December 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “December 2011 Philippine Celestial Sky”

  1. can asian country such as malaysia view the geminids shower ? please reply mr asap T~T

  2. and the ursid metoer shower too
    are we asean country able to view it ?


  4. There are bright stars across the moon this week. Is that a planet or just bright stars? And, can we still see some meteors later at night?

  5. We will still be able to see the Ursid meteor shower on 23rd night in Malaysia right? I missed the Geminid meteor shower. T^T

  6. hey
    i heard lovejoy comet will appear in the early morning tommorrow
    beside the sun

  7. Hi Erika! Would you have the same list for 2012? Thanks in advance! 🙂

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