November 2011 Philippine Celestial Sky

I’m very happy that during that last 2 weeks of October, we’re experiencing good weather in the Philippines. I hope this continues until December. ūüôā

Below are the celestial events for the month of November. This information was collected from Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS) and Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) monthly sky updates. I also added pictures of planetary conjunctions/groupings from Stellarium software:

November 1 :    Mercury and Venus at minimum separation

November 3 :    First Quarter Moon

November 6 :    Taurids Meteor shower

November 9 :    Jupiter 5.1 deg South of Moon

November 10:    Antares-Mercury-Venus visually aligned

November 11:    Full Moon

November 13:    Mercury-Venus at minimum separation

November 14:    Mercury at Greatest Elongation

November 18:    Leonids Meteor Shower

November 18:    Last Quarter Moon

November 23:    Saturn 6.6 deg N of Moon

November 25:    New Moon

November 25:    Partial Solar Eclipse (not visible in the Philippines)

November 26:    Mercury-Moon at minimum separation

November 27:    Moon-Venus at minimum separation

Happy Observing and Clear Skies! ūüôā


~ by Stella's Gaze on November 12, 2011.

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