First Image of Jupiter

I took my first pictures of Saturn by webcam imaging last January 2011. This morning, after long hiatus (thanks to the rainy weather since June), I finally imaged the King of Planets, Jupiter.

I saw the four major moons of Jupiter in my C90 Mak-Cass telescope. They looked so tiny but these moons have worlds of their own. My favorite among them is Europa. 🙂

I wanted to take a picture of Jupiter with its moons, but my webcam’s field of view is narrow. It cannot image the whole scene. Thus, I chose to take close images of Jupiter since I haven’t tried this yet.

Below are my first “decent” images of Jupiter:

I processed the videos in Lynkeos, an image processing software for Mac OSx. I chose to stack 60 frames out of 4,000 available frames.  My computer almost crashed when I tried to process them all! So to get a quick result, I narrow it to only 60 frames.

My image will be a lot better if I have a bigger aperture (and yes, bigger scope!). For now, I will practice with what I have and hopefully I’ll improve soon.

Clear Skies!


~ by Stella's Gaze on October 25, 2011.

One Response to “First Image of Jupiter”

  1. Good morning Erika, I really like your images of Jupiter. I too have been very limited in getting outside this past year because of the weather. As a result I am now trying to use my DSLR to get wide angle views of the night sky whenever there is an opportunity. I was able to get a few pictures on Christmas night. I was in a rush so the stars were not as focused as I would have like. 🙂

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