Change in the Rain

2011 is the worst year for night sky observation in the Philippines. Since April until this month, all I can see every night are overcast skies and rain. I can hardly see stars and planets this year! I badly miss the old times where I can simply stare at the beauty of the night sky, bring out my telescopes despite poor weather ( hoping it will clear later and it does happen), and take pictures . I miss being in awe and inspired every time I observe. Or maybe, I’m just getting old and making excuses (yes, the I’m-too-busy thing, hehe).

It’s only now that I totally understand what most of my fellow associate members in UP Astrosoc went through after they graduated from UP. Priorities change through time whether I like it or not. No matter how much I resist it. For me, it’s okay if other things will change but not Astronomy. Inevitably, with this prolonged bad weather plus the I’m-too-busy thing, my passion for astronomy – especially on how I express it – is also changing. I am actually deciding if I should create a new blog about the transformation I’m going through. There were so many opportunities this year that influenced me to bring my love for Astronomy to a new and different turn. I will tell you the details when I’m ready. ūüôā


~ by Stella's Gaze on September 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Change in the Rain”

  1. The weather has been uncooperative indeed. I hope you aren’t put down by changes in your life, and by the weather, your passion for astronomy is inspiring. This is just a cloud in your life that would eventually clear to reveal a wonderful sky. God bless!

  2. Thanks, Norman. ūüôā

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