June 16, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse Images and Videos

I was dumbstruck as I observed and at the same time took pictures of the red moon. I observed from 1:24 am until 5:30am (Philippine Standard Time). Despite migraine, lack of sleep, and high humidity, I was determined to watch all the stages of the eclipse until it disappears from my view.  A report of my observation will be posted soon. Here are some of my images:

I’ve also collected images of the total lunar eclipse taken by fellow astronomy enthusiasts and amateur astronomers in the Philippines:

by Norman Mascarinas, UP Astronomical Society

by Ana Geronimo, UP Astronomical Society

by Nico Mendoza, RTU Astrosoc and PAS

by Randell Teodoro, Manila Observatory

Narod Eco, UP NIGS

by Mark Arzadon

by Renneth Suarez

by Anthony Urbano, PAS and UP Astronomical Society

by Dr. Armando Lee, ALP and Astrocamp Observatory

by Dr. Armando Lee, ALP and Astrocamp Observatory

by James Kevin Ty, ALP

James Kevin Ty, ALP

by JV Noriega

Moreover, I am very happy that the astronomical event was very well documented by media. I’ve listed videos of interviews of various astronomical groups:






For those who missed the event, we still have another total lunar eclipse visible in the Philippines on Dec. 10, 2011! You still have a chance to witness this marvelous celestial sight!

For those who survived staying up late and witnessed the eclipse, congratulations to us and more observations to come!

To the moon!


~ by Stella's Gaze on June 16, 2011.

10 Responses to “June 16, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse Images and Videos”

  1. Thank you for the information. I stayed up all night and got some photos of the lunar eclipse.
    I don’t have a telescope, but I do have a digital camera with 18 optical zoom.
    Photos and time-lapse animated image are on my blog post here: http://5uperman.com/philippines-2011/total-lunar-eclipse-june-15th-16th-2011-from-the-philippines/

  2. Congrats talaga sa mga walang tulog! 🙂 hehe.. Wonderful compilation of images idol

  3. hi Erica,. Sure you can feature them. you can get them from my flickr acct.


    red moon-2

    lunar eclipse


  4. Thank you very much for posting! It is really very informative. More power to you.

  5. ok naman idol, pinabaunan agad kami ng sky catalog ni Dr. Torres..hehe

  6. That was awesome! I had been watched the red moon total lunar eclipse last June 16, it seems to be that the moon is bathed in blood, but it is not. I had seen from 1:24 till 4:24 a.m. when I was using binoculars.

  7. I was in Malolos City, Bulacan. On Tita Rose’s Master’s bedroom on the 2nd floor.

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