Call for Filipino Scientists

Reposting from Aghamsphere’s Blog:

Are you a Filipino Scientist?

If yes, how would you like to inspire young Filipinos to be a scientist like you?

Share your experience as a scientist and why you love science through the Mind Museum – the pioneering world-class science museum in the Philippines to be built in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig on 2011.

A node on the life of a Filipino Scientists will be featured in the Philippine Science Hall, a 200-square meter hall that will showcase the contributions of Filipinos, groups and individuals in science and technology.

Just answer the following and those who would submit their answered questionnaires would indicate that they are interested to inspire others by sharing how science has touched their lives:

1. What is that you love about science?
2. When and what made you realize that you wanted to do science?
3. What made you choose your current field to be your life’s work?
4. What adventures did you encounter in this field?
5. What would you say is your major contribution in this field? Why?
6. What is its impact and how is it utilized in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world?
7. Who are supporting your ideas and projects now?
8. What kind of support do you need to develop this more?
9. What other projects are you working on right now?
10. What would you want kids who are interested to do science to know about your field?
11. What advice would you give kids about being interested in science?

Please email your reply together with your resume and some pictures in action in your respective fields (at least 300 dpi) on or before February 15, 2011 to:

Carol Tobias-Pobre
Exhibit Manager
The Mind Museum
Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

Note: All texts in this post is from THE MIND MUSEUM Exhibit Team.


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