A Report on the ISS Solar Transit Observation in the Philippines

Last Jan. 13, 2011, amateur astronomers from ALP, PAS, RTU Astrosoc, and UP Astrosoc observed the International Space Station (ISS) Solar Transit based on the calculations of the CalSky website.

PAS, RTU Astrosoc, and UP Astrosoc failed to see the transit at the roof deck of Manila Observatory due to overcast clouds. According to Anthony “Eteny” Urbano of PAS who arrived at the observation site before 6:30am, he was able to keep track of the sun before 8:00 am PST. The clouds thickened since then until the occurrence of the transit at 8:30:38 am PST.


Anthony Urbano with UP Astrosoc Members

ALP, on the other hand, observed the event at AstroCamp Observatory in SM MOA by the Bay, Ateneo de Manila University, Mandaluyong and Taguig.

ALPers at the AstroCamp Observatory

Two ALPers were able to image the transit despite cloudy skies. A complete report of their observation and images can be found here.

I hope to get my first ISS Solar transit image next time! ūüôā

Congratulations to all amateur astronomers who have prepared well for this event! ūüôā


~ by Stella's Gaze on January 16, 2011.

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