Crescent Moon at Dusk

I was at the beach when I saw the 4% illuminated waxing crescent moon appearing behind the clouds. Such a lovely sight before the night unfolds.


~ by Stella's Gaze on January 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Crescent Moon at Dusk”

  1. awesome… =D

  2. Ms. Erika,
    Hi again.
    Those are really great shots.
    can i ask a question?
    How many seconds do you make those moon shots??
    when I try to capture the moon it always shows trails.
    in that photo i used 4 sec exposure and i used a tripod.
    but when i try to capture it with a less exposure, may camera can’t capture it well.

    Bennie Jay

    • Hi Bennie Jay,

      What camera are you using? I usually set my DSLR camera to f/16 (aperture) and 1/50 sec (shutter speed) to capture moon shots. ūüôā

      I also used a digital camera before and I had a difficult time capturing the moon in its crescent phase and earthshine (the unlit part of the moon can be seen due to earth’s reflected light). I guess the problem with some digital cameras is you cannot manually control the exposure ( exposure is a combination of aperture and shutter speed).

      Best Regards,

      • Hi Ms. Erika,
        Oh I see. I’m using a GE A950 point and shoot camera. Maybe i do need to upgrade my camera soon to capture those shots. Thank you very much for your tip.
        Keep those magnificent shots coming. I really admire your Astrophotos. =)

        Bennie Jay

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