Philippines’ December Sky

December is just a day away and for Filipino astronomy enthusiasts, this month is one of our best time of the year to observe the night sky.

Take note of the dates below. Enjoy observing and let’s hope the weather cooperates. Merry Astro Christmas, everyone! 🙂


Dec. 1-4  The crescent moon, Venus, and Saturn will appear close in the sky at 4 am.

Dec. 7: The crescent moon is 2° from Mercury and 6° from Mars *

Dec. 9 : Mars is only 5° from Mercury **

Dec. 13:  The first quarter moon is 8° from Jupiter.

Dec. 13-14: Geminids meteor shower peak ( a must see!!)

Dec. 13-14:  Mars is 1° from Mercury **

Dec. 21: Total Lunar Eclipse ***

Dec. 22: Winter Solstice

* Use binoculars or telescopes

** You have to look very low in the western horizon. Use binoculars or telescopes.

*** In the Philippines, it is only a partial lunar eclipse visible low in the ENE horizon


Evening planets:  Mars, Mercury, Jupiter

For the first 2 weeks of December, Mars and Mercury will be found low in the western horizon at 6pm.

Throughout the month, Jupiter is visible all night until it sets at 11pm.

Morning planets : Venus and Saturn

These planets are visible before dawn in the east.  The brighter of the two is Venus.

At the end of the month, Mercury will join Venus and Saturn in the predawn sky.


~ by Stella's Gaze on November 30, 2010.

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