My InOMN Adventure

I celebrated InOMN (International Observe the Moon Night) last Sept. 18, 2010 by attending Philippine Astronomical Society’s (PAS) astronomy lectures in Rizal Technological University and Astronomical League of the Philippines’ (ALP) lunar observation  at the Astrocamp Observatory in SM Mall of Asia.

Lecturers and speakers were Mr. Ronald Tanco and Engr. Dacanay from PAS, Dr. Perry Esguerra from UP-NIP and 3rd year RTU students. I found Dr. Perry Esguerra’s lecture unique because he presented how to solve problems in Astrophysics. According to him, these problems can be solved by high school students. I wish I learned Astrophysics way back in high school, hahaha!

attended PAS meeting and lectures in RTU

ALP celebrated InOMN by opening the Astrocamp observatory in SM MOA to the public and displaying various telescopes for free. I experienced to see the waxing gibbous moon through different telescopes. My favorite telescope was Andrew’s cool Skywatcher apo refractor.

I saw the moon using Andrew's scope

Also in celebration of InOMN, I bought my first telephoto lens. I’m hoping to get more moon images using this lens and improve more on wide-field astrophotography.

My first telephoto moon image 🙂

Special thanks to my man who accompanied me in attending the InOMN activities of the astronomical organizations.

To the moon!


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