UP Astrosoc History

The U.P. Astronomical Society will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year.  Timingly, Mr. Bamm Gabriana, one of the founding members of U.P. Astrosoc in U.P. Diliman, shared a tidbit of the organization’s true roots.

Quoting Mr. Bamm Gabriana’s message from UP Astrosoc Yahoogroups:

“As our 20th anniversary approaches, I just want to share a tidbit of the UP Astrosoc history that we dug up.

The original UP Astrosoc started in Manila in 1935, and was founded by Professor Alejandro Melchor after whom the College of Engineering building in Diliman is named.

Their tambayan was the original Manila Observatory in Padre Faura. That observatory had a 19-inch telescope, an inch larger than the 18-inch PAGASA telescope in our tambayan. That telescope was destroyed during the war. Soon after, the original UP Astrosoc ceased to exist, and the UP system moved to Diliman,

I’d like to think that, in a way, the founding members including myself merely revived the original UP Astrosoc.

Counting from 1935, then the original UP Astrosoc is now 75 years old. Thus we can say that our 20th anniversary coincides with the Diamond anniversary of the original UP Astrosoc.”

Ad Astra Per Aspera!


~ by Stella's Gaze on July 27, 2010.

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