Stargazing Birthday Party

This is my dream birthday party and I’m glad it pushed through despite weather forecast of heavy rain and cloudy skies.

My birthday invitation by Aaron Misayah and Bea Banzuela

The party started at 8:00pm.  Most of my visitors saw the moon and Saturn using three of my telescopes. Some of them even took great pictures of the moon!

I would like to thank my cousin, my boyfriend, college friends, officemates, and UP Astrosoc members for making my 24th birthday memorable. It is indeed the best birthday party I ever had!

Best of all, on the day of my birthday, I went to church and heard God’s word .  The teaching  included the scale of the universe to show how powerful and loving is our God! God really knows how to make me happy. He timingly delivered His ‘astronomical’ word on my special day! Wow!

To the stars!


~ by Stella's Gaze on May 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Stargazing Birthday Party”

  1. wonderful indeed! glad you had a blast Erika girl…

  2. Thanks for the invite, Erika! Enjoyed your party.

  3. […] I hope after this typhoon, I could observe the night sky and celebrate my birthday just like last year. […]

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