Stargazing at Boso-Boso, Antipolo

I would like to thank Nathaniel Custodio, Irving Raymundo, Joel Munoz, and Robert for the company and astrophotography tips last Saturday. It was an honor to be with like-minded hardcore amateur astronomers. Hence, my night sky observation in Antipolo was one of my most memorable stargazing experience.

At first, I was planning to go to Caliraya but it was too far and a bit hassle for me. Thus, I decided to observe to a nearer place in order to meet and observe with veteran amateur astronomers.

The night sky in Boso-Boso was totally remarkable. For the first time, I saw the Ring nebula, Dumbbell nebula, Trifid nebula  and Lagoon Nebula.  The Beehive cluster and Omega Centauri were surprisingly visible with the naked eye (This is impossible in my area!). Moreover, I saw 9 bright meteors. The seventh one has a blue-green flash feature with smoke trail lasting for 3 seconds! But the most astonishing of them all was the Milky Way band. Finally after 7 years, I got to see it again. Its celestial beauty never fails to entice me.

As always, I never ended my observing session without taking pictures. It was hard to do visual and imaging at the same time. A part of me wanted to just stare at the stars and savor its amazing beauty, but there was also a part of me wanted to record every moment and place it in my blog. Fortunately, I managed to do both.

Observing the night sky with astrophotographers was definitely a new experience. It inspired me to upgrade my skills in astrophotography. I hope I’ll be able to image deep-sky objects like these guys do. You should see their awe-inspiring celestial images and jaw-dropping equipment. All of these were out of passion and patience with this hobby. 🙂

Again, I would like to thank them for giving me this opportunity. I’m looking forward for more observations with them.

To the stars! 🙂

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy


~ by Stella's Gaze on March 15, 2010.

17 Responses to “Stargazing at Boso-Boso, Antipolo”

  1. galeng! gusto ko na tuloy bumili ng cam hehheheh

  2. wow! ma’am, ano po yang puti sa ilalim ng bilog? bibig po ba yan ng smiley? 😉

  3. Hi po. Ask ko lang kung pwede ba sa public viewing jan? gusto ko kasi pumunta jan with my husband kasi we both love star gazing and all stuffs related to the galaxy, stars and universe. hehe. hope you reply to this message. thanks. 😉

  4. Open for public po ba yung place?

  5. how much po? tnx

  6. What are the things that I would need to see them? Do I need a lot? My girlfriend told me she’d like to watch Meteors. I’ve searched and have known that there’d be a meteor shower called Leonids Meteor Shower on November 17, 18. I don’t really know a lot about these things. I just wanna make my girlfriend smile because for me her sweet smile is more beautiful than any stars up in the sky. I need your help 😦

    P.S. She lives in Antipolo so I guess Boso-boso is the best place. Thank you for posting the blog. God bless you.


    • Hi Dominique!

      This is very sweet of you. Your girlfriend is really lucky to have you as a boyfriend. 🙂

      For meteor shower observation, all you need is your eyes. No need for telescopes or any other optical aid. Yes, the next meteor shower is on the week of Nov 17. I also recommend observing the Geminid meteor shower on Dec 14-15. This is the best meteor shower I’ve seen for the past 5 years. 🙂

      About the stargazing venue in Boso-Boso, I’m really sorry but I can’t remember how to go there. I just joined other amateur astronomers to be able to visit that place. Since Antipolo is relatively high, as long as you can find a place with less light pollution, that will be enough to observe the meteor shower (and weather permitting, of course).

  7. and yeah! Where is the specific place??? Thank you again! 🙂


  8. Hi,

    pag ba month of march mas maganda mag star gazing??

  9. Hello po. tanong ko lang po kung okay sa december mag stargazing or feb-may lang po talaga?

  10. Hello. Kelan po ba magandang mag stargazing dyan?

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