March 3, 2010 Night Sky Observation

I began my night sky observation at around 7:30pm. I checked Orion, counted its stars, and identified my location’s limiting magnitude – magnitude 4.

At 8:13pm, I saw a fireball (brighter than Venus) passing near Canopus in the constellation Carina. It lasted for 5 seconds!

After dinner, my boyfriend and I observed Saturn and the waning gibbous moon through my 8” dobsonian scope .I would never forget my boyfriend’s reaction when he saw Saturn’s marvelous ring. He was sooo amazed. He kept on saying, “WOOW… WOOOW…WOOOW!”.  Later, we checked out the moon’s craters, Orion Nebula, Beehive Cluster, Mars (located at our zenith), M41, and M50.

We ended our observation by just lying down and gazing at the stars above. 🙂


~ by Stella's Gaze on March 4, 2010.

One Response to “March 3, 2010 Night Sky Observation”

  1. saw a similar fireball last night, mar 4, also in the same area, around 10 degrees from Canopus… it might have been a sporadic meteor, i cant tell..

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