January 1, 2010 Partial Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse to start the New Year was definitely a rare event. Right after the fireworks, I prepared my tent, DSLR, digital camera, and astroscan reflector telescope for a 3 – hour observation and imaging of the partial lunar eclipse. The smoke and its awful smell for 3 hours didn’t stop me.

I still have lots of pictures to edit and upload, but these were the best and only images where I have a full view of the moon. I took these pictures using my digital camera on Astroscan.

My DSLR images didn’t capture the whole view of the moon. Nevertheless, I’ll still upload them as soon as I find time.

To the stars!

Photo details: Partial Lunar Eclipse of January 1, 2010
Maximum Eclipse occurred at 3:22 am, with 8 percent eclipse magnitude
Equipment: Olympus FE-250 8 megapixel digital camera on Astroscan Reflector Telescope
Processing: cropped & leveled in Adobe Photoshop CS3

My DSLR moon-imaging setup


~ by Stella's Gaze on January 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “January 1, 2010 Partial Lunar Eclipse”

  1. I haven’t known that there was a lunar eclipse last Jan. 1. Thanks for your post.

  2. Where did you get the extension so that your camera was far enough from the prime focus?
    If you have time, please email me.

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