August 2009: Penumbral Eclipse, Perseids, and Opposition

In the Philippines, the month of August is a period of heavy rainshowers and storms. But this won’t stop astronomy enthusiasts in the country to look up and hope for clear skies. Below is a list of astronomical events that will occur this month:

August 6: Penumbral Eclipse (not visible in the Philippines)

The eclipse will begin at 7:01 am and ends at 10:17 am (Phillippine Standard time). It can only be observed in Africa, Europe, and South America.

August 12-13: Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseids will appear to radiate in the constellation Perseus, from where its name was derived. Its peak activity will start on the late night of August 12 until dawn of August 13.  However, the waning moon could hide some of the brightest meteors during the observation.

August 15: Jupiter Opposition

On that date, Jupiter will be nearly opposite the Sun in the sky. The planet will rise at sunset, shines highest around midnight, and sets around sunrise. This is the best time to see the dark smudge (using a medium-sized telescope) marked by an impact of an asteroid or comet last July 19.

Clear skies, everyone! 🙂


~ by Stella's Gaze on August 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “August 2009: Penumbral Eclipse, Perseids, and Opposition”

  1. hi Erika,
    were you abe to view the perseids? asar dito, we were supposed to view despite the midterm sked pero the weather didn’t give way.. haaay… 😦

  2. dito nga umulan eh, pero i saw 1 persaid ngaun lng.I was looking at Moon and Venus.

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