Meet Thomas :)

My Thomas

My Thomas

Finally, after 3 months of hard work here in U.S., I got what I’ve always dreamed of: a serious/hardcore telescope setup.

My OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) is the TMB-80mm f/6.3 Signature Series ED triplet apochromatic refractor. At first, I was thinking of buying an 8″ SCT (Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope). But after reading amateur astronomy books, internet reviews and forums, and considering my observing experience with refractor and reflector telescopes, I decided to buy a triplet apochromatic FPL-53 ED refractor :).

There’s this popular belief among amateur astronomers that “Aperture Rules” , but I prefer ultrasharp images and high-contrast views of a refractor than a bigger aperture of a SCT. A friend told me that SCTs show celestial objects in 2D like the ones you see on textbooks. This is unlike apochromatic telescopes (doublet and triplet) where you could see objects with depth. It is also a good choice if the observing site is mostly urban (I live in a very light-polluted area, hahaha). Moreover, I wanted a grab-and-go scope and collimating-free scope. The only problem with refractors is the chromatic aberration. But because I bought a triplet (three-lens configuration for the main lens) apo refractor, it is false color-free. Serious astrophotographers also prefer apo refractors for imaging :). These are the reasons why I choose this kind of telescope as the best scope both in visual astronomy and astrophotography… but lacks in aperture :P.

My mount is the Celestron Advanced Series (CG5-ASGT) Go To Equatorial Mount (GEM). It’s one of the efficient, simplest, and most affordable GoTo EQ mount in the market. The other one is the Meade LXD75. So why did I choose the CG5-ASGT? I found an astronomy online store that sells CG5-ASGT in a cheaper price than the Meade LXD75 hahaha. It’s also easy to use but still heavy for me hahaha. This is surely an excellent mount for budding astronomers like me :).

To complete the telescope setup, I bought a Meade Super Plossl 12mm eyepiece, T-ring and T-adapter to attach my Canon 450d DSLR to the telescope and a remote release cable for long exposure shots.

I can’t wait to see the First light of this telescope :).


I thank God for giving me the opportunity to work here abroad despite the economic crisis. It’s because of Him that I was able to fulfill my dreams. He really knows how to make us happy in times of hardships in life. It is true that when you have God, you have everything. Because He owns everything :).


~ by Stella's Gaze on April 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Meet Thomas :)”

  1. good luck sa curse!!

  2. Wow! Awesome, erika! Finally, you can explore the sky above comfortably! Miss you! Mwaaah!

  3. haha.. wow naman.. good for you! ūüôā

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