Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 16-17 2008 (Updated)

This partial lunar eclipse will be visible in its entirety to skygazers in Africa, Europe, and central Asia on August 16, 2008. Those in eastern South America, South-East Asia, and Australia will see the partially eclipsed full Moon either rise or set. — from Sky & Tel website
Sky and Telescope

Image Credit: Sky and Telescope

In the Philippines, we will see it on moonset before sunrise of August 17, 2008. Maximun partial eclipse will occur around 5:10 am with 81% of the Moon’s surface being eclipsed. Look low on the western horizon.

If you want to watch the stages of the eclipse, below is a timetable from ALP Website. The time is in Philippine Standard Time (PST). To change your clock to PST,
visit PAGASA website.

Penumbral Eclipse starts 2:23:07 AM
Moon enters Umbra 3:35:45 AM
Maximum Partial Eclipse (81%) 5:10:08 AM
Moonset 5:46:00 AM

Definitions from Visual Astronomy blog:

Penumbral – the lighter section of the Earth’s shadow.
Umbra – the darker section of the Earth’s shadow
Maximum – the darkest the moon will become during this eclipse


Always remember that a lunar eclipse happens only during a full moon :D. The moon’s orbit is inclined so it’s not often that we see an eclipse every full moon .

Happy Observing!

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One Response to “Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 16-17 2008 (Updated)”

  1. From PAGASA:

    The last eclipse of 2008, which is a partial lunar eclipse will occur on August 17. It will be visible in the Philippines and in the Eastern Hemisphere as well as eastern South America. The eclipse will begin at 2:23 Philippine Standard Time (PST) and will end at 11:57 AM (PST).

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