Why Astronomy?

A lot of people keep asking me, “How come you’re into Astronomy but your course is Geology?”. Well, it’s a long story. Since 5th grade, I have always dreamed of becoming an astronomer someday. It was because of Isaac Asimov’s Astronomy books that I became curious with stars and planets. The first thing I did in order to be familiarized with these celestial objects was to study constellations. I can’t remember what gave me that idea. Back then, I had this book about constellations written by Patrick Moore and I used it as my guide in navigating the night sky. At a young age, I already knew the brightest stars of some constellations and I could already determine the positions of the different constellations through the seasons. Sadly, I’m not that good in Physics so the dream of becoming a professional astronomer will always be a dream. Physics, specifically AstroPhysics, is the heart of Astronomy. I envy Physics experts because they can fully understand everything in the physical world – the universe and all its components. However, despite this weakness, I never lost hope. I took Geology and considered it as a pre-Astronomy course instead of Physics, Applied Physics or even Math! Most people I know have no idea what Geology is and how it is related to Astronomy. Believe it or not, under Geology, you have AstroGeology or Planetary Geology. People also have this misconception that “Geology” only involves the study of rocks, minerals and physical and chemical processes that formed the Earth. Today, Geology also refers to the earth-like features of celestial bodies such as planets and their moons, asteroids, meteorites and comets.

As you can see, my course is somewhat close to Astronomy. This is the reason why, even though I barely passed my Physics series, I still want to become an astronomer – if not a professional astronomer, then an amateur astronomer. So, what’s the difference between the two? A professional astronomer is into hardcore Physics and Astrophysics while an amateur astronomer considers Astronomy as a hobby. Usually, amateur astronomers are astrophotographers. They use expensive equipment such as computer-controlled telescopes, high-resolution CCD digital cameras, and whatnot needed in astro-imaging. This poses another problem: Astronomy can be very expensive.

Despite all of these odds, why do I still struggle to get serious with Astronomy? It is simply because of the unexplainable happiness and contentment I feel everytime I stare at the grandness & beauty of stars, planets & galaxies. I’m pretty sure a lot of you will be surprised to know that Erika, the shy and soft-spoken woman, has such a BIG dream in life. Well, I have broken my silence and revealed my deepest desire…

…and if you have questions…

don’t hesitate to leave a message.

Merry Christmas!


~ by Stella's Gaze on July 25, 2008.

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