I’m an AstroBuff

Here are five reasons why I am a certified Astronomy Buff:

1. I want to become a professional astronomer or planetary scientist someday even though I’m not that good in math and physics. These two oh-so-hard subjects won’t stop me :P.

2. I really love visual observing and taking pictures of the sky. I hunt for atmospheric phenomena (e.g. lunar halos, rainbow, crepuscular rays) and astronomical events. As you can see, I’m really obsessed with the sky hahahaha!

3. I always check the sky at 4:00-5:30pm to see whether it is clear blue, covered with thin cirrus clouds or has contrails. I noticed that when these three are present at this particular time of the day, there’s a possibility of clear skies later in the evening. I have tested this prediction 5 times already… and I’m always right :).

4. The best thing I did in college was to join UP Astronomical Society :D.It was here that I fell deeply madly in love with Astronomy. I also learned to reach my full potential and met a lot of good, smart, jolly, likes food, vain, cheerful people. I will always treasure the memories with the Astrosoc members. I love you guys! ūüėÄ

5. Every time I go to the mall, I see it to it that I pass by the National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Book Sale or any stores as long as they sell books, haha. I love to search for good astronomy books because I know they’re hard to find here in the Philippines. Moreover, I want to know whether the store knows how to categorize and differentiate between Astronomy books and Astrology books. This is my stress relief hahaha. (Trivia: There are no Astronomy books at National Bookstore SM North…huhu).


~ by Stella's Gaze on July 25, 2008.

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