How to Turn Kids Off to Astronomy: A Top Ten List

Is this possible? Hahahahahaha!


10. Emphasize that astronomy is difficult, mathematical, and has no relation to everyday life or culture.

9. Use a telescope with a wobbly mount and inferior optics.

8. During a solar eclipse, lock the children up indoors with the curtains drawn.

Include astronomy as a brief segment inside a geography unit. This way
the children will see the Universe as a minor offshoot of the Earth

6. Rush children through the lines at the telescope.

5. Avoid interactive, “hands-on” activities that are designed to get the children to learn by doing.

4. Don’t plan skywatching parties well in advance, or set them up in well-lit fields!

3. Do not begin by having them look at the Moon. Choose an esoteric, difficult-to-see object.

2. Teach the sky as a subject independent of all other subjects.

1. Keep the fun out of it!

Source: Sharing the Sky by David Levy


~ by Stella's Gaze on July 25, 2008.

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