Mercury and the Moon

Quote from

Seeing Mercury is rare enough…

Seeing Mercury together with an exquisite crescent moon is out of this world!

This inspired me to check out the celestial sight and I eventually succeeded.

My current place doesn’t have a nice view of the eastern sky. I tried to wait and observe the Eta Aquariids from our living room’s window which faces the southeastern sky, but failed to see any meteors. Jupiter and Altair (alpha star of constellation Aquila) were the only objects I saw in that direction. Luckily, the window in my sister’s room has the best view of the western sky. I was sure then I could observe the waxing crescent Moon and Mercury on May 6.

I started to wait at 7:00 pm but was surprised that the sky was still too bright and the sun hadn’t set yet. An hour later, I finally saw the very thin crescent moon using my 7×50 binoculars and I started to take pictures. It was really awesome. Fifteen minutes later, I saw Mercury but it was still very faint. I succeeded to see both celestial objects without the aid of binoculars at 8:30pm.

Below are my images:

The previous image was edited to clearly see Mercury.

Here’s a video of my observation:


~ by Stella's Gaze on May 7, 2008.

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