Mercury at Dusk

If you haven’t seen Mercury, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.
Below are some facts about seeing the elusive planet:

Starting last April 23, Mercury has become visible a few minutes before sunset. It is located at the upper right side of the sun in the sky. Its brightness can be mistaken for a bright evening “star”. (I haven’t checked if the planet is visible from the PAGASA Observatory. I tried to see it yesterday but failed due to heavy clouds.)

On May 14, Mercury will reach its greatest elongation, its farthest point from the sun. Thus, this is a best time to observe the planet especially if you want to avoid the glare of the sun. The planet will shine at a magnitude of +0.4 (same brightness as the Procyon in Canis Minor) and will set two hours after sunset.

References: & Stellarium

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~ by Stella's Gaze on April 26, 2008.

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