Midnight Delight

The Geminid meteor shower that occurred 2 weeks ago (from Dec. 7 to Dec.17) was the most unforgettable astronomical experience of my life. Our organization held a public viewing during the peak of the Geminids last Dec. 14-15 at the PAGASA Observatory, UP Diliman. To my surprise, a lot of people came. We anticipated 80 people but surprisingly, more than a hundred people showed up.

However, this wasn’t what amazed me. It was the sound of enthusiasm, excitement, laughter and astonishment of the crowd whenever they saw streaks of light coming from the heavens. “Ang ganda!”, “Ayun!”, “Ang haba!”, “Wow!”, “Nakita mo ba yun?!”, “Naka-ilan ka na?!” were all I could hear during that time. Everyone was also staring at the sky even if they were standing, sitting or lying at their back. Isn’t it amazing?

When the meteors began to slack off, people started to get curious about other things. They asked about stars, planets and the sky. At one point, a couple approached me and asked if they could take a peek through the telescope. Without hesitation, my orgmate and I immediately set up the telescope for them to see Saturn. The woman was very happy and thanked us for doing the favor. Nagpicture-picturepa kami before they left. Afterwards, we let other people peek through the telescope and saw the ringed planet for themselves.I would never forget their smiles, giggles and reactions as they discovered the distinct beauty of the planet from a closer view. Those were moments which I would always treasure. The event of the night inspired me to further pursue Astronomy as a lifelong hobby or profession. Sharing the joys of Astronomy with the general public was indeed a great and fulfilling experience.

Most of all, it was an honor to experience Astronomy at their side 🙂.



~ by Stella's Gaze on December 31, 2007.

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