The Midnight Sky: Moon and Mars

I took these images after midnight of Dec.24 and Dec. 25 as part of my Christmas celebration, hehe.

There are five reasons why I decided to image the Full Moon and Mars:

1) Moon and Mars are in conjunction, that is, they appear close together in the sky.

2) I want to observe the Moon’s change in position with respect to Mars. The picture on Dec. 24 shows that the Moon was west of Mars while on Dec 25., the Moon was east of Mars.

3) Mars is currently very bright because it is at opposition which means Mars will be as close to opposite the Sun.

4) According to Science@NASA, the moon is brighter than usual because it is the “highest-riding” full moon until 2023. This has something to do with the start of the Winter Solstice.

5) Moon showing off a beautiful corona :).

Check out the images at the following links:

Moon and Mars – photos 1, 2 & 3

Full Moon – photos 1 & 2

Lunar Coronae – photos 1 & 2

It is interesting to see that such set of events happens at the same time. Oooh! I really love Astronomy! Hahaha!


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~ by Stella's Gaze on December 25, 2007.

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