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I am not sure why some of my images in my previous posts disappeared. I’ve already told this problem to WordPress, but they don’t know the reason either. Most of these images were linked from Facebook so maybe it has to do with Facebook.

Anyway, I’ve decided to put some of my favorite astronomy photos I took in Maybe I’ll upload my future photos here and connect it with WordPress…

My Astronomy Facebook Page

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I just created a Facebook page for my astronomy activities and updates on Philippine astronomy. Please like my page at

To the stars!

Sept 10, 2015 Crescent Moon, Venus, and Mars

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I woke up at 5 am today in order to see a beautiful planetary conjunction of the Crescent moon, Venus, and Mars. The sky was a bit hazy but nevertheless, I managed to take a few pictures as remembrance.

I hope the sky will be clear a few weeks from now. I would like to witness again a total lunar eclipse!

To the stars!

Photograph Moon, Venus, and Winter constellations by erika valdueza on 500px

Moon, Venus, and Winter constellations by erika valdueza on 500px

Perseid Meteor Shower 2015

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As far as I can remember, I’ve never seen a Perseid meteor before because August is a typhoon season in the Philippines. I was fortunate last night to observe the meteor shower despite hazy skies and very strong light pollution in my current location. Here’s a plot of my observation this morning. The yellow arrows indicate fireball and the blue ones are streaks. Perseids are the fastest meteors I’ve seen. And they’re long and bright! No wonder they’re one of the best meteor showers here in the north.


Double Rainbow in Europe

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I’ve been seeing rainbows for the past weeks but most of them were incomplete. After a long wait, I finally got a photo of a complete double rainbow. I noticed that rainbows here in Europe are bigger compared to those I’ve seen in my home country. Maybe it also has to do with the latitude, not only with sun’s position in the sky.

July 31, 2015 Blue Moon

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Blue Moon (second full moon of the month) on July 31, 2015

Image taken with an iPhone + Skywatcher 90mm Mak-Cass telescope

blue moon


                my view of the blue moon…

June 30, 2015 Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

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Thanks to a friend who allowed me to borrow his viewing deck for an hour, I got to see this celestial wonder in the western sky. The weather also cooperated this time unlike in the past few months where I always fail to observe astronomical events because of cloud cover. I also thank God for the time.

Below are my images of the beautiful conjunction last night:

                 Venus and Jupiter only 1/3 deg apart above the western horizon

Before I started my observation, I first took an image of the moonrise in the east, It was a lovely sight. I think Lottie enjoyed it too haha!

                       Moonrise at 10:30pm

          Lottie enjoyed the view too, haha!

Stargazer Lottie

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As soon as I learned about this doll from Facebook, I didn’t hesitate getting one. It’s too cute and somehow reminds me of my photo taken at the Manila Observatory roof deck 5 years ago.

The Stargazer Lottie doll was created to encourage young girls into stargazing and a female astrophysicist helped on its design. Cool, isn’t it? :)

I just received my Stargazer Lottie today, and as you can see, it’s not wearing a winter jacket and a hat because it’s already spring! I highly recommend this doll to women of all ages. Own one or give it as a gift to young girls you know. :)

To the stars!


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